Visual Display Terminals (VDT). Basic concepts.

To know the main ergonomic risks present in the working conditions of the screens (computer) and the preventive application measures.
Destined toWorkers users of computer.
Estimated duration: 1 hour.
Language: English and Spanish.


Over the last 20 years, the use of computer equipment has become increasingly widespread in all areas of work. These help the user by providing greater speed, efficiency and quality in the performance of their tasks. They have even allowed the appearance of new forms of work such as «teleworking».

However, there are certain risk factors associated with data visualization screens that can produce alterations in the health of workers, the most common being those related to vision and physical problems, as well as the possible combined effect of the same.

This course shows a vision of the risks from the point of view of Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology, describing the main factors that can produce alterations in people’s health, at the same time that adequate preventive measures are proposed.


– To know the main risks in the jobs with visual display equipment.

– To know the preventive measures to be adopted in the workplace, making this comfortable and safe.


Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. Associated risks.

Chapter 3. Ergonomic arrangement of the working area.

Chapter 4. Computer equipment ergonomics.

Chapter 5. Environmental ergonomics.

Chapter 6. Physical exercise and habits at work.