Become aware on occupational risks prevention

Objectives: Awareness of the need to avoid situations of risk, promoting the adoption of safe behaviors that promote the improvement of the preventive culture, to avoid accidents and occupational diseases, making the workplace a safer and more comfortable place, without set aside one of the basic objectives of the companies: to provide a quality service.
Destined to: Workers from any sector of activity.
Estimated duration: 1 hour.
Language: English and Spanish.


In its statement of reasons, the Spanish Law for the Prevention of Occupational Risks declares that protecting workers from risks in the workplace requires action on the part of the company: action rooted not only in formal compliance with a set of duties and obligations but also in the implementation of a true culture of prevention based, among other principles, on informing and training workers with a view to a better understanding of the risks in the workplace and how to prevent and avoid them.

If we add to the above the fact that safety at work is a constitutional right of every worker, you will understand that it is necessary for you to have a basic knowledge of areas such as Work Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Applied Psychology and Ergonomics.

This is why MC MUTUAL has created this manual – a Basic Manual for Training in the Prevention of Occupational Risks – that will serve as a guide for you to be able to perform your work safely. It will also complement your training and enable you to modify certain unsafe working practices that could damage your health and that of your co-workers.



– To be aware of the need to avoid situations of risk.

– To promote the adoption of safe behaviors that promote improved safety culture.


Chapter 1. Statement of intent.

Chapter 2. Definitions.

Chapter 3. The causes of accidents.

Chapter 4. The Accident-Quality relationship.

Chapter 5. Rights and obligations.

Chapter 6. Safety.

Chapter 7. Hygiene.

Chapter 8. Ergonomics.

Chapter 9. Emergencies.

Chapter 10. Self-Evaluation.